Y3 Christmas Toy Shop Challenge

Here are my planning notes for the first lesson in my new Y3 Christmas Toy Shop Challenge…

Ask the children if they have ever been to the supermarket with their mum or dad. Ask them if they can think of any ways in which the supermarket would use computers. Have any of them used the self service tills? Explain that supermarkets and other shops use computers to keep track of how much stock they have so they know what they need to order when they run though. They also use the computers to tell them which products are the most popular and which don’t sell very much.

Explain to the children that they are going to imagine they are running a toy shop and have to get ready for Christmas.

Show them the prepared Excel spreadsheet and demonstrate how it will work. Children will be given a set budget of £5000 and will have to choose which toys to stock from the list they are given, entering the information into the spreadsheet and making sure they don’t go over budget.

Show them how the spreadsheet will automatically calculate how much money they have spent and that the total spend will go red if they go below zero. Also show that they can adjust the quantities in order to spend as close to £5000 as possible.

In pairs the children need to open up the blank spreadsheet and then use the list of toys to pick 10 items for their shop. They need to input the name of the toy, the price and then adjust the quantity so that the amount they have spent gets as close to 0 as possible.

In following lessons they will receive orders for the toys in their shop and will see how much profit they can make.


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