Alan Turing Year

2012 marks the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing and yesterday I suggested the following idea to our History and Maths departments. In January we will be going to Bletchley Park for a combined History / Maths / ICT trip and I thought that a good follow up project would be to transform one of our mobile classrooms into a Bletchely Park codebreaker’s hut. We could then recruit a team of ‘codebreakers’ from amongst the pupils. Each break time we could send them a series of coded messages (via email or Twitter?) for them to crack and then resend. As the children crack the codes we would then change them to give them new challenges. We could possibly have two teams – one team sending messages and the other trying to intercept and decode them.


3 thoughts on “Alan Turing Year

  1. This is a great idea. The work at Bletchley Park during WWII was a very important part of the eventual success in the war. Cracking the Enigma Machine allowed the allies to make significant choices as to the progress of the war although the code breakers and military planners were careful to restrict their knowledge to the most significant so as not to tip off the enemy.

    I can imagine the teams working, one representing the opponent and the other the spies as they try to relay/crack codes. Sounds like great learning and fun.

  2. An inspirational man. A project on this should work well. After all, everyone likes something that is ‘top secret’ or about codes!

    From another viewpoint there is a good PSHE discussion to be had on his treatment – age group dependant.

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