A little bit of poetry.

For my Year 3 ICT lessons I have been trying to find a poem that features lots of size-related adjectives so that the children can change the font size of specific words. I couldn’t find anything that worked exactly how I wanted so decided to write my own:

The Zoo

The chipmunk is tiny
The marmoset is small
The elephant is enormous
And the giraffe is tall.

The antelope is thin
The hippopotamus is fat.
Is the lesser spotted woodpecker
Smaller than a fruit bat?

The rhinoceros is massive
He is bigger than a gorilla
Who is larger than a chimpanzee
And much more than a chinchilla

A seal is plump
And a walrus is wider
Both of them are gigantic
Compared to a tincy wincy spider

 We have lots of animals
From the shortest to the tall
All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small.

by Mr Leach


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