Rugby World Cup Radio Show

Yesterday morning my tutees came in for morning registration and three of the boys were busy discussing the Rugby World Cup matches from the weekend. As we had some time before first lesson I decided it was pointless trying to stop them chatting and asked them to record a radio show about the Rugby World Cup instead. I sent them off to the library with a laptop hoping that they wouldn’t just mess around. When they came back they had recorded to 5 minute long clips and when I listened to them back I was amazed by the quality and professionalism of the clips. I was soon contacted through Twitter by someone at Audioboo to let me know that their clip had been selected as one of their ‘Featured Boos’ and therefore mentioned on the Audioboo homepage. They have since recorded a third clip this morning and will be featured on BBC Radio Northampton at 16.55 today. Last night I had the pleasure of emailing the three boys’ parents to let them know about the show. I really hope they keep it up and hopefully they may inspire others to come up with ideas for a ‘show’ as well.

Please have a listen to three very knowledgable rugby fans as they discuss the Rugby World Cup by visiting our Audioboo page –


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