Creating Magazines

For the first half of the Michaelmas term years 6, 7 and 8 will all be working on projects revolving around producing magazines. Here is a brief overview of what I hope to do with them.

Year 6 will be asked to form small groups and then come up with a magazine idea that they want to produce. I will show them Publisher and the basics of how to get started but then it will be up to them to discover how to use Publisher and to organise the content – some self-directed learning with me on hand to offer guidance and advice.

Year 7 (who created their own magazine as above last year) will be shown an issue of a magazine that I have created and will be asked to create a new issue individually. This means that they will have to think more about how it is presented and follow the ‘rules’ – i.e. fonts, colour scheme etc. So this will focus more on them researching the content and then presenting it in a similar style to the example.

Year 8 will be put into small groups and will be set the Apprentice style task of creating a new magazine. They will have to put together a pitch explaining their magazine, create some sample pages and then think of how magazines use other media such as podcasts, websites and apps. I am hoping to also build a community of industry experts who can offer advice, suggestions and constructive criticism to the children as they produce their magazine, website etc.


2 thoughts on “Creating Magazines

  1. The final magazines will all be made available in the school library and possibly for sale at Christmas Fayre.

    Thanks, as ever, for your comment 🙂

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