Year 5 ICT

Here is a rough outline of what I have in mind for Year 5’s ICT lessons for the first half of the Michaelmas term. I am going to ask the children to create a calendar that can then be sold at the school’s Christmas Fayre (Or in the School Shop on the High Street if that project comes to fruition). Creating a calendar could be quite a simple task but I want to take this simple task and expand it so that the children get chance to use and develop some higher-level skills. I will ask them to begin with the month of their birth and then research that month in order to gain inspiration for an original piece of artwork that they will go on to create. I am thinking of setting up a Google Docs form to ask questions such as “Find 5 famous people born in that month” and “Where did the month’s name originate from?” I will then ask them to use some of the information and images they find during their research to create an original piece of art using PhotoShop. The calendar will then be created using either Publisher or


4 thoughts on “Year 5 ICT

  1. What a fabulous idea. Thanks so much for sharing. The website link has so many opportunites and I cannot believe that it is free too. As I was reading I thought of using it to create a display for me reading corner as well as the calendar idea. Nice one, thanks!
    Cherise Duxbury

  2. Thanks for the comment Cherise. I love the Big Huge Labs website and have used it for many of the displays in my ICT room – particularly like the Motivational Poster tool.

  3. I have often made calendars with classes and still get pleasure in making them for friends and others but I hadn’t considered the depth of your idea. I think this is a great idea for a class. I may ‘borrow’ the idea if I have the chance.

  4. Hi Chris – Another great idea that I will ‘borrow’. I am thinking of adding QR codes to their images so that the ‘purchaser’ of the calendar can be pointed to a website that the creator of the calendar has made.

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