Year 4 PowerPoint project

Here is a rough outline of what I have in mind for Year 4 ICT lessons in September. I am going to ask them to work in small groups to produce a promotional PowerPoint presentation for the school. I am going to ask our Marketing Director to act as the ‘client’ for the children. In order to produce the presentation the children will need to decide on which parts of the school they want to show and then take photos of these areas. I will want them to create a presentation with hyperlinks and a contents page so that the viewer can visit any page they choose rather than the standard slide-by-slide presentation. The children could also record an audio commentary for each slide and it would be really good if, at the end, they present their final product to out Marketing Director and Headteacher. The final products could then be made available to download via our website or on sites such as Slideshare.


3 thoughts on “Year 4 PowerPoint project

  1. This sounds exciting so good luck. We linked Y3+4 studies of Mountains to Powerpoint last term. I think that using Powerpoint is important as it remains (as is likely to stay) widely used in further education and in particular, businesses. Have fun!!

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