Year 3 : Poetry Anthology

I am currently working on revamping our ICT Scheme of Work and I am trying to be brave and include projects that will involve different skills or at least the opportunity for different skills.

In Year 3 my current idea is for the children to create a class anthology of poetry. This will involve the children learning the basics of word-processing as well as searching for poems on the internet using We teach ICT as a separate lesson throughout the school so I don’t want the children to have to spend too much time writing their own poems (I have left it open so that they can incorporate this into literacy as well). The idea is that each child will choose, or be given a poem, that they must then make visually appealing by formatting the text, adding images, borders etc. I want them to start with the obvious text formatting, such as turning colours named in a poem to that colour, and then be a bit more creative – what font would go with the word ‘spiky’ or ‘cloud’ for example. The children can then also use art packages to create a front cover and possible record audio versions of the poems using our Easipeak microphones or Audioboo.

The key thing is that they are working to produce something that can then be kept in the classroom and the school library.


One thought on “Year 3 : Poetry Anthology

  1. Chris, yet again you have come up with a simple but clever idea which helps to teach skills in a fun though still achievable way!
    Thanks for sharing.

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