Isaacodactyl Part 3 : #100WCGU

This weeks #100WCGU prompt is a picture which can be seen here  –

Here is part 3 and I actually managed to limit it to 100 words this week.

“So are you going to help us?” asked Isaacodactyl.

At the top of the slope Briantosaurus looked thoughtful and then disappeared.

“Oh, very helpful,” grumbled Trevorceratops.

Just then the tip of a tail appeared above them.

“Can you reach?” called Brian as he lowered his tail over the edge.

Isaac hopped onto Trevor’s short stumpy front horn and tried to grasp Brian’s tail.

The little pterodactyl stretched as far as he could but still couldn’t reach. Suddenly Trevor sneezed and Isaac fell forward and landed face down in the puddle with his wings spread out wide.

“Ouch,” he squawked.


8 thoughts on “Isaacodactyl Part 3 : #100WCGU

  1. When does the fan club start for Isaacodactyl and his friends?! Love the on-going storyline even if creative licence on the actual photo!

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