Kid’s Art Blog

I have just started up a new blog project based on an activity I used to do at my previous school. During Guided Reading sessions I had a couple of other activities which some groups carried out whilst the others were reading. One of these was an art project in which I gave the children the title of a famous painting and asked them to create a piece of art with that title (without showing them the original). The kids loved this and it created a fantastic art gallery in our cloakroom.

Anyway the blog project is basically an online extension of that project. Each week I will post the title of a piece of art and invite children (and adults) to submit pieces of work with the same title. These submissions can be photographs of paintings, drawings or sculptures or could be created digitally. At the end of the week I will then post all the submissions along with the original piece of art.

I’ve started it now so that hopefully I can generate some interest in it before September and then teachers can use it with their classes to create a really exciting online art gallery.

So please take a look at


8 thoughts on “Kid’s Art Blog

  1. Like it! Along with Julia’s 100 word challenge for grown-ups, I really like the idea of doing this each week. It is nice to have a focus for my own creativity. A great idea.

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