Adventures of Isaacodactyl Part 2

Here is the second installment in the Adventures of Isaacodactyl inspired by the 100 Word Challenge. This week’s challenge was to include the following five words – ripple, brood, lilt, evocative and untoward. I have managed to include these words but had to concede defeat when trying to limit it to 100 words. Anyway here is the next installment and if you haven’t read part 1 here is the link –

“Hello?” A small purple head on a long neck peered over the edge and looked down at the two dinosaurs.

“We’re stuck” squawked Isaacodactyl.

“You were making a lot of noise. It sounded very… evocative?” Briantosaurus thought that because he had a long tail and a long neck he had to use long words even if he didn’t know what they meant

“Please Brian, no long words. I only have a small head and they get stuck between my ears.”

Briantosaurus always spoke with a soft gentle lilt to his voice. “Hello Trevor.” He called.

Trevor had found a puddle and was watching his reflection ripple on the surface. He grunted.

“Oh don’t brood about it Trevor,” said Brian.

“I wasn’t being rude,” mumbled the baby triceratops.

“That’s not what I… oh never mind. Where were you going? Were you going towards the caves?”

“No,” replied Isaac shaking his head.

“Ah so you were going untoward the caves,” grinned Brian who thought he was being clever.

Trevor just shook his head and Isaac nearly fell off his back into the puddle.


17 thoughts on “Adventures of Isaacodactyl Part 2

  1. Fantastic use of the words ‘evocative’ and ‘untoward’. Your short tale of Isaccodactyl really make me smile. The very sophisticated words are used effectively in a children’s story. Brill.

  2. I love, love, love this! I can empathise with the characters slightly, as I had to look up most of the words to check the definitions. Maybe my head is just too small and big words get stuck between my ears too! Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

  3. I love these two characters. I only discovered them a few days ago, but already I’m looking forwrd to next week to see what happens next. Your use of “untoward” really made me laugh!

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