Teaching Touch Typing

I have recently downloaded a free touch typing program called TIPP10 to use with the children. It contains a series of lessons and produces a lot of statistics so that the children can see how they improve. You can set time limits for each lesson and I aim to use this as a starter activity for children in years 4 – 8.

For children in Pre-Prep I also want them to get used to where the keys are on the keyboard and so will be using an online typing tutor aimed at young children called Keyseeker. I have used this before even with children in Nursery who actually suprised us all by how well they could cope with lowercase letters on screen and uppercase on the keyboard. To make this easier over the summer I will be replacing all our ICT room keyboards with ones that have both lower and uppercase letters on.



5 thoughts on “Teaching Touch Typing

  1. Ever since I learned to touchtype with the Royal Signals many years ago I’ve bored everyone rigid with my views on how important it is. It’s vital to get the basic point which is that it’s not primarily about speed (though that comes into it) It’s being able to engage directly with the text on the screen without worrying about the physical process. It removes a barrier to communication.

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