Year 5 Text Adventures

In ICT our Year 5 classes have been explring the classic Text Adventure game Zork. As a class we have used Popplet to create a map of the different locations – as children discover somewhere new I add it to the map on the IWB. It was a great way of showing the children an example of how computers can be used to create fantasy worlds and that you could only use a small precise set of instructions in order to play the game. It was also interesting for the children to see how computer games have developed since 1981 when Zork was first released.

After half-term the children are going to start creating their own Text Adventure game – “The Escape from Winchester House”. They are going to have to create a ‘map’ of the school – hide items in various rooms that need to be collected in order to escape. To begin with I am just going to get them to create their maps on paper before moving on to the computers. I am looking at a piece of software called the Quest Development Kit (QDK) which allows you to create your own Text Adventures.

I will post again once the children have got underway with their games.

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