Northants “Better Learning through Technology”

On Monday I was very pleased to be able to attend the NorthantsBLT day at Silverstone Study Centre. I have been wanting to get more involved in the NorthantsBLT network for a while and it was great to finally get the opportunity to attend and actually meet Peter Ford in person rather than just through Twitter.

The day began with a brief outline of the aims of the BLT and a review of the first year. One of the main points I took from this was how to make sure these events actually do influence practice back in school. The whole concept of getting together, sharing ideas and collaborating between schools is fantastic but does it actually go on in school, between departments, year groups etc? For example, in my school I wonder how much each department knows about what other departments are doing adn therefore are there missed opportunities for joint projects?

Twitter was then brought up and everyone was encouraged to get signed up. Those of us who are regular Twitter uses were asked to show and assist those new to tweeting how it worked – retweets, hashtags etc. By the end of the session I had several more followers and hopefully these people will begin to really see the benefit.

There was then a quick BLTMeet in which attendees names were put into the hat and drawn at random to do a 2 minute presentation and share ideas and successes. There were some great ideas shared and I talked about my Gunpowder, Tweeting and Plot project and the 1066 Election.

In the afternoon we then talked about ideas and tools for collaborative projects and we split into smaller groups to discusss further. Overall it was a fantastic day and I am now buzzing with even more new ideas.

Thanks to all who were involved.


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