Year 6 : Battle of the Bands

This term my Year 6 classes are working on a project entitled “Battle of the Bands”. This will involve them designing an album cover for a specific band as well as other promotional material such as concert posters, blog sites etc.

So far the children have researched existing covers. We started off by looking at the current top 10 albums and the children had to order them according to which designs they preferred. They then had to comment on each of the designs to explain why they had chosen the order they finally came up with.  Some of the children found it quite hard to not think about the music or the artist and so to base their opinions purely on the design. They then went on to research other album covers in order to build up a collection of ideas and inspiration.

In the next lesson they were introduced to PhotoShop and they each took a photo of each other which they then cropped to CD cover size and experimented with the different effects and filters in PhotoShop.

This week they were finally given their band names. I explained to them that they would be allocated a band name instead of choosing one themselves so that they would not be influenced by exisiting designs and also so that they would be working as the professionals would – with the client that gives them the work rather than a client they choose.

I told the children that all the bands were actually unsigned bands who hadn’t yet had an album released – actually I just used the random article feature in Wikipedia to generate a list of band names. These bands were allocated at “random” to the children and I gave them a brief description of what type of music the band was (of course I had to make this up as we went along). I then sshowed the children examples of the logos for bands as well as festival posters to show how some bands have a consistent typeface that makes it easy to recognise them on a poster, CD cover etc. Using PowerPoint the children then explored the range of fonts available to them. I asked them to get as many examples of different fonts as they could and then to try and group them in some way, all the time trying to think about what style of music would fit with which font. Once they had got a range of examples I then asked them to concentrate on their band’s name and to see which fonts worked well for the name.

Our next step is to find images to use for the cover. We will be using in order to find images by searching for either their band’s name or the album’s title.

I hope to post some of their logo designs soon for any professional graphic designers out there to offer feedbaack and suggestions.


3 thoughts on “Year 6 : Battle of the Bands

  1. Chris, I love these ideas you have posted about the Album cover work and mean to do this this year with our G&T kids in Y5 and Y6. If any particular hurdles cropped up in the process it’d be good to know but also if there can be a way to share results too, that would also be good.

    Peter Scurr

  2. The thing the children found hardest was cropping the images in PhotoShop and some ended up cropping in Powerpoint before adding the text. I had considered setting up a Flickr account so that all the images could be uploaded there and viewed as a slideshow. If you want some band names and album titles to use I have loads 🙂

    Look forward to seeing what your kids produce.

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