Infommuniology Explained

I have just started a new blog in which I will be posting items of interest relating to the world of Information Communication Technology or rather how we use Technology to Communicate Information. The idea behind this is to provide children with information about how today’s communication networks developed but also to share and hopefully inspire an interest in the subject. I am working on a Google Calendar in which I am recording various events ranging from the introduction of the printing press (1400’s ICT) through the invention of radio (Victorian ICT) up to the world of video games and the Internet. This calendar will then provide me with the basis for the blog posts on and the Twitter account @infommuniology

Please follow, subscribe and share the posts and I would love to read any feedback or comments. I’m also keen to have guest contributions so if you think you might have an idea for a post to go on the blog or want to contribute to the calendar please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Infommuniology Explained

  1. I keep meaning to order that book, it was reading about it that made me think about what ICT would constitute in the past. It has also made me think about developing an ICT unit to go alongside our Year 3’s Victorian topic.

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