Song lyrics as poetry

Watching the new Virgin Media advert last night in whcih the voice over reads the lyrics to Madness’ ‘Our House’ as if it were poetry made me think that it could be a good idea for a speaking and listening task. Children could be given lyrics to a song and asked to perform them in a style similar to the advert.


3 thoughts on “Song lyrics as poetry

  1. As part of our Year of Reading last year, we did a year 7 assembly using this idea. We used the lyrics of “The Rose” by Tupac as one of the songs. If you are interested in any of the other ones I could dig them out for you. We used M&M and I can’t remember the other ones. It worked pretty well.

  2. When exploring poetry I always try to make it more relevant to teenagers’ lives. We have explored various song lyrics, Bob Dylan, Frank Turner (‘Substitute’ works really well), and various other songs.
    I think the kids appreciate the effort, and have always responded really well.

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