#PlanTogether – an update

Stop, Collaborate and Listenphoto © 2008 Mark | more info (via: Wylio) As many of you will know I am often sharing ideas via Twitter and my blog as they come to me. Sometimes these are literally as the idea has just sprung into my head. I tend to get ideas at very inconvenient times and so far have managed to resist from tweeting whilst in the bath. Anyway, I get really excited by the way ideas can grow and develop thanks to the wonderful collection of creative, inspiring and helpful people I have as Twitter friends. I have been trying to think of ways to tap into this wealth of ideas to create a resource that can grow and develop and inspire discussion between teachers.

This started off as #PlanTogether in which I started off a topic such as #PTSpace or #PTZoos and invited people to spend an hour on a saturday morning contributing ideas. I was really keen to make this a live, interactive experience so that people could comment on and develop ideas as they were suggested. What became hard was then saving these discussions for future reference and so I’m going to try a different approach this weekend. Instead of it being a purely Twitter based process I want to use the following website – http://www.linoit.com which I have recently used with my Year 7 classes. This site allows you to post stickies onto a shared page in a way similar to Wallwisher.

I have set up one page – http://bit.ly/PTMagic and am inviting any ideas, suggestions, links to resources that could support a topic themed “Magic”

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