ICT Exercise Books and QR codes

I’ve often thought about the idea of the children having ICT exercise books. They could use these for jotting down ideas, sketching designs etc. They could also, of course, stick in printed work. Meaning we could easily see completed work alongside the plans and ideas that led up to it. I’m also thinking that the children could use these books in other lessons where there are links to ICT and they would also stay with the children as they move up a year group. The children would only get a new book when they have filled the old one.

One thing that has made me even more keen on the idea is the use of QR codes as a link to work posted online via the ICT department blog. This evening I dropped into an online discussion hosted by @ianaddison and @colport about the use of QR codes and I also have to thank @ideas_factory and @DeputyMitchell for inspiring me to develop this idea further. Thanks guys.


4 thoughts on “ICT Exercise Books and QR codes

  1. This sounds like a great idea!
    In our school ICT books have become more and more irrelevant and I’m wondering if we need them at all. As most of the work is cross-curricular, work that is printed tends to go into other books, whilst the rest is saved on the computer (and soon to be added to our e-Portfolios).

    Recently, I’ve encouraged staff to use them more like ‘instruction books’ and training the children to make notes about how to use various programs, but this isn’t really working as it slows the children down!

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