Host the World Cup – A plea for more bids

I have now started the Host the World Cup Project with all three of my Year 7 classes. To begin with I showed them the videos of Russia winning the 2018 bid and England’s disappointment. The children then had to think about what factors FIFA might take into account and suggest countries to represent. The children then voted for which country their group should represent and the three countries chosen are Argentina, Greece and China.

I am still hoping that other school’s would like to take part. So far I have a Turkey bid underway and hoping to have an Australian one as well. I’ve tried to make the porject something that would be really easy for anyone to join. Basically all you need to do is select a country (one that hasn’t already been chosen) and then produce a 7 minute presentation to be posted online by the 30th March. The content of this presentation is completely up to you and how the project is managed is completely up to the schools taking part. It could be run as a series of lessons, as mine are, or as an ICT club or even a one off lesson. The key thing from my point of view is that it gives the children chance to combine a range of ICT skills and work as part of a team with a genuine audience. My Argentine team have already received a comment from a teacher in Buenos Aires.

If you would like to take part just let me know what country you want to represent and I will set up a Posterous page and a Twitter account for your bid team to publicise their work. Thanks


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