Live Online ‘Learning Journey’ Planning

One of the reason’s I love using Twitter is the way ideas can grow and develop and I thought it would be fantastic to try and organise a regular collaborative planning session in which all those fantastic creative minds on Twitter could get together and brainstorm an idea. I think we would need to set a time in which people willing to contribute would all sign on at the same time and then simply work from a Topic Title and see what ideas we can come up with. All these ideas could then be collated and out together in one document. The Topic Title’s could be voted on prior to the session in the same way #ukedchat topics are voted for.

When I initially mentiones this idea on Twitter last night I had quite a bit of interest and so think it is worth going ahead with.

Any suggestions on the best way to manage the ideas – would Twitter on its own be the best way or should we try and use Google Docs or sites such as

Please comment with any suggestions for developing this idea or just to let me know you would like to take part and watch out for the hashtag #PlanTogether


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