Host the World Cup – New Zealand #htwc2011

As part of HTWC2011 my year 7s will be representing 3 different countries. One of those will be New Zealand as our school has connections with New Zealand.

I contacted the New Zealand FA about the project and got the following email in reply:

New Zealand bid and won the right to host the 2008 FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup bid.  The process was very comprehensive and we ended up with a bid document of some 500+ pages which was taken to Zurich and presented personally to FIFA.

The areas involved in the bid process, which were explained in minute detail, included:

  • Reasons why FIFA should consider New Zealand
  • Organisation and structure of New Zealand Football
  • How we proposed to staff an LOC (Local Organising Committee) to basically run the event
  • Metrological information detailing what the experts considered the best time to stage the event (including air temp and rainfall info)
  • What options were available in four main centres for accommodation for around 300 officials, FIFA delegates and teams
  • Travel networks of being able to move large numbers of people around the country for games
  • Country statistics
  • What assistance we could harness from Government for the initiative


We also had to be able to provide contracts for proposed venues around what they could provide and a list of compliance items that FIFA required to be considered to host matches.

The bid process took us approximately 6 months to pull together and then was presented to Zurich prior to a FIFA Committee vote.  The total process probably took in the vicinity of 9-10 months.

I’m not sure if this is of any use to you but let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards



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