Time Travel News – Using Twitter in the history classroom

Time travel...photo © 2010 Kenny Louie | more info (via: Wylio)Yesterday I had the following idea:

I am going to set up a twitter account (@TTNewsReport) which I will make available for any teacher to use with their class. The idea is to use it as a way of reporting historical events that your class may be studying in the style of @SkyNewsBreak

for example a class might tweet

@TTNewsReport: 2 Sep 1666 – We are getting reports of a fire in the Pudding Lane area of London.


@TTNewsReport: 19 May 1536 – The execution of Anne Boleyn is about to take place.

This could be used as a plenary at the end of a history to summarise the events that the class have been studying. If parents support the idea keen children could even continue the project at home.

My interpretation of Twitter’s Terms of Service is that I have always set up and managed the accounts but have then allowed children to write the messages.

Let me know if you think your class could contribute to @TimeTravelNews


9 thoughts on “Time Travel News – Using Twitter in the history classroom

  1. I think that could be fun to try with my history class. Roman battles, the capturing of Celts, Anglo-Saxon & Viking invasions.

  2. A great alternative to a traditional timeline and would be useful in Australia with our new curriculum to summarise the overview of a period done prior to depth studies of more specific events within that period.

    1. Thanks for the comments David. If you would like to start using the @TTNewsReport account get in touch with me on Twitter – @chrisleach78

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