Twuiz Night – Pilot Episode

Last night I ran a trial of my Twuiz Night idea using tweets scheduled in Tweetdeck. Here is how it went.

@twuizmaster: #twuizQ1 Name one of the Three Musketeers.
@webblette:  Porthos
@mosquitomax: porthos
@dicox: d’Artagnan
@blabers: Aramis
@microbehat: Athos

@twuizmaster: #twuizQ1 Porthos. #twuizQ2 Name a member of the Jackson 5
@dicox: Michael Jackson
@blabers: Tito
@microbehat: Jermaine
@moreolives: Michael
@mosquitomax: Janet
@webblette38: Jermaine

@twuizmaster: #twuizQ2 Tito #twuizQ3 Name one of the Seven Deadly Sins
@moreolives: Greed
@dicox: sloth
@mosquitomax: sloth
@blabers: Avarice
@microbehat: Sloth
@KnikiDavies: Avarice
@webblette38: Gluttony

@twuizmaster: #twuizQ3 Gluttony #twuizQ4 Name one of Santa’s nine reindeer.
@mosquitomax: Donner
@dicox: Prancer
@microbehat: Prancer
@blabers: Dasher
@webblette38: Dancer
@KnikiDavies: blitzen

@twuizmaster: #twuizQ4 Dasher #twuizQ5 Name one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac
@mosquitomax: virgo
@dicox: Aries
@microbehat: Pisces
@blabers: Scorpio
@webblette38: Aquarius
@moreolives: taurus
@stuartridout: capricorn
@KnikiDavies: Libra

@twuizmaster: #twuizQ5 Leo. That was the final question for this trial edition of Twuizzer. Please tweet your score including this hashtag #twuizscore

And here are the final scores ( I have only included people who answered all 5 questions)

@webblette38 – 2 points
@blabers – 2 points
@mosquitomax – 1 point
@dicox – 0 points
@microbehat – 0 points

As a trial run I think it went quite well. I think I will extend the period between questions so that it gives more people chance to answer.

Thanks to all who played. There will be more next week.

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