#twuiz – A Twitter based Quiz night

Here’s my idea for a Twitter based quiz to experiment with scheduled tweets.

I have created the twitter account @twuizmaster

I will schedule a series of questions such as…

Name one of the Three Wise Men.

People taking part will then respond with one of the three names. If they match the name I have chosen and already scheduled to be sent after a short period of time they will get a point.

for example

at 19:00 the following tweet will be sent

@twuizmaster Name one of the Three Wise Men #twuizQ1

responses will then arrive i.e.

@chrisleach78 Balthazar #twuizQ1

at 19:02 the answer and next question will be sent.

@twuizmaster Melchior. Name one of the Famous Five. #twuizQ2

and so on. Notice the hashtags change for each question.

The questions will get progressively harder as there will be more options to choose from. After the final question players will be asked to add up their scores and tweet them including the hashtag #twuizscore

If you would like to play along and join in this experiment please follow @twuizmaster. First episode will be scheduled for Wednesday at 19:00 hours GMT and will last approximately 20 minutes.



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