Host the World Cup Project – a bit more info

Yesterday I gave a brief outline of my idea for a new project that could involve several schools collaborating together on one project.

The aim of the project is for each contributing school to represent at least one different country in their bid to host the world cup.

Stage 1 – Each group would have to decide on which country to represent – researching information such as climate, previous world cups etc.

Stage 2 – Using a variety of ICT tools to create their bid – this could be posters, promotional videos, websites, radio broadcasts etc. This could then be completely open for each school to decide on exactly what their children produce so could be tailored to suit different age groups and abilities. Children could also design the official logo, mascots and even stadiums.

Stage 3 – Publishing their work online through blogs and Twitter so that they can try and gain support for their bid.

Stage 4 – The final presentation. Each contributing school would prepare a short presentation which could be broadcast live or prerecorded online on the final day. Followers of the project could then vote for the ‘country’ they think should host the World Cup. Online voting tools would then allow us to reveal the winning bid and a suitable prize could go to that winning team.

I imagine running the project for the spring term – one issue that may occur is that as I work in an independent school my term dates would be different from state schools so co-ordinating the final presentations may be tricky.

Please let me know if you would be interested in possibly taking part or if you can think of any other ideas to develop the project further.



14 thoughts on “Host the World Cup Project – a bit more info

  1. Sounds nice idea. I’d like to feature in newsletter, assuming that’s OK with u. Cld u let me know preferred age group (primary I presume?) + open to non-Brits? Timescale/deadline?

    I’d need to know pretty quickly to get it in the next one (if all goes according to plan).


  2. Sounds like a great idea for a project. What grades/ages are you targeting? Let me know when you start. I might have a group that could take part.

  3. Hi, i love the sound of this project and would most definitely be interested in taking part.

    Please keep me updated.


      1. Hi i was thinking about doing this project with some of my year 6 hildren and a couple of our year 5’s.


  4. May be i should have mentuioned that I’m hoping to run it with three classes of year 7s with support from either Year 4 and 3. I’d also hope for this to become a global project with schools from other countries taking part.

  5. Brilliant idea. We’d love to be involved. Were you thinking particular yr group? Also independent- break up April 1st. We have topic of France next term in run up to an Easter residential. Would be perfect link!

    1. What year group would be going on he residential? I’m not specifying a year group because I think it could work with any Year 4 upwards. I’m guessing you would like to claim France as your country 🙂

      1. Y6 going on residential and ‘oui’ France would be the ideal choice. Have you had much interest? I think some of my colleagues in other Cheshire schools may be interested. Will sound out some contacts.

  6. Great my school have countries as their forms this year and belong to continents as their communities. I will chat to the head about being involved it looks great.

  7. Hi Chris

    Sounds like a great project. We are running international collaboration projects between schools next year using Campus Channel. The schools use the web app to manage a shared TV channel.

    Let me know if it could be of use for this project. Perhaps a place to re-live the project after the presentations?

    Let me know if I can help.

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