An idea begins…

Very early this morning the beginnings of an idea for a new collaborative ICT project took hold. Basically the idea is for children to run their own bids to host the World Cup / Olympics. Footage of the celebrations following the awarding of the 2012 Olympics to London could be shown alongside the disappointment at the recent World Cup announcement in order to kickstart the project. Children could then work in small groups to decide which country they think would be best to represent (As FIFA has shown the obvious countries might not necessarily be the most successful.) Children could then work to create their ‘bids’ designing posters, filming promotional videos, designing stadiums etc and all the time campaigning through Twitter and blogs for votes. At the conclusion of the project the childen could present their final pitch as a live web broadcast – I’m imagining classes from different schools all presenting 7 minute pitches one after the other Teachmeet style and then waiting for the votes to come in and the winning bid to be announced.

As I say, it’s only the beginning of the idea but following the success of #gtp2010 and #1066election I’m really keen to start another project and so would like to hear any ideas on how it could be developed or how your school could contribute. The key thing is that there are so many possible tasks that the children could do but that these could be shared with a potentially global audience with a slight competitive edge.

Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome so please leave me a comment. If you would be interested in possibly taking part leave me a comment or tweet me – @chrisleach78

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