Winchester House School Blog

This year I have been developing a blog for our school. I use it primarily with my ICT classes as I way of giving them their task for the lesson. Quite often children arrive at slightly different times depending on what lesson they’ve had beforehand and it always takes a varying amount of time for them to log on. Using the blog means that as soon as they are logged on they can make a start rather than having to wait for the whole class to be ready. It has also worked well for children who have missed a lesson as they can then just look back at the previous weeks post and continue. Children can also then access the blog from home and continue work there as many of my Year 6s have done.

I’ve also used the blog as a way of sharing children’s work to a wider audience. I have put artwork created by Nursery and Reception online and received comments from parents and other family. My year 6s have been using and have received comments from as far as New Zealand and even from the developers of Spicy Nodes themselves.

I also think the blog could be a good way for teachers to share items of interest that may not necessarily fit in with the current curriculum. This way they can offer children who particular enjoy a subject a way of building on this interest.

So far I haven’t really promoted the blog beyond the ICT lessons but hope to soon get other teachers on board. So far I have the Heads of English, Science, History and Geography interested and excited by the potential the blog offers for extending the children’s learning and engaging parents in the children’s learning. As a boarding school I think this could be a very important tool to allow parents to follow their children’s progress and feel involved in their work.

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