Macbeth Script for KS2

At my last school I adapted four Shakespeare plays to be performed by Year 6 as their end-of-year assembly. The challenge of these adaptations was to tell the story in a way that could be understood easily whilst keeping to roughly 40 minutes. The plays we performed were Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Each production had to involve over 100 children. To achieve this we gave each of the Narrator’s lines to a different child. We also added songs and dance routines. The children were also responsible for all technical aspects of the performance.

I have just published the Macbeth adaptation through Lulu. com and made it available to download for free. I’m really hoping that someone will take the time to read the script and hopefully decide that they could use it with their class. I’d really appreciate any comments on the Lulu site as well.

19 thoughts on “Macbeth Script for KS2

  1. Hi! Love it…and we’d like to perform, citing you as original author. We’d like to perform in our school as a major charity fund-raising project for our student in Norway. We’d set your piece inside of our other play, where students are “killing” each other to take over the play.

  2. I have downloaded your script to use with my y5/6 class. They have read it and are really looking forward to performing it! Thanks very much, it has been very helpful x

    1. Fantastic – please let me know how you get on with it. When we performed it we included several Queen songs – such as Killer Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now, Another One Bites The Dust etc and just tweaked the lyrics.

      Good luck with it.

      1. The addition of songs sounds really good. Wild you be able to list the songs and at what points you chose to include them.

        Many thanks

  3. Hello, what a great script – thanks a lot. I’m intending to use it with my Year 8 and 9 special needs students. They love putting on a performance and this looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. Thanks again. John.

    PS I like the idea of including the songs mentioned above.

  4. This is awesome, love it and it has been a life saver. I.m starting ta macbeth play for my year 6 class to perform in a few months time.
    I hope you dont mind a few tweaks.
    You mentioned having written hamlet, my coleague is doing that with her class. Any chance you could email me the script?

  5. Hi Chris,
    I have just been to the email address that you mentioned and I can’t work out how to download it for free. I was hoping to use it with my Year 5 class at the end of next week. Would it be possible for you to email it to me?


    1. Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for the interest – if you click on the link and scroll down the link to download the free pdf version is in the bottom right corner.


  6. Hi Chris – I am interested as have a SEN group I am doing it with and it’s hard re-scripting the original to suit them. However, I cannot download it!
    I’d appreciate advice on how to do it.
    Many thanks

  7. Hi Chris – I will be covering Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream with my year 6 class next half-term. Performing one of the plays for our end-of-year play would be ideal. I like the idea of the Queen songs ofr Macbeth. Where did you place them when you performed it? Also, is there a way to get a copy of AMND? If Macbeth doesn’t work out, maybe performing Midsummer Night’s Dream would be better instead.
    Thank you so much for your time.


  8. Hi Chris,

    I run an 8-11 year olds drama group with M6 theatre in Rochdale and we’ll be using parts of your brilliant script in our sessions! Many Thanks.

  9. Hi Chris,
    I am studying Macbeth with my Y5/6 class this half term and the children are really keen to do this as a play at the end of the year.
    I notice you used some Queen songs. Would you be able to tell me where you used each one and the change of lyrics to suit the play please? Will let you know how we got on!

  10. Hi Chris – thanks for making this available. I’m going to use it with a small year 5/6 class as part of Shakespeare unit, and hopefully get them to rewrite part of the script themselves

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