History of Britain Map #hobmap

I have been working on a project using Scribble Maps. The idea of the project is to show the locations of historical monuments that can still be seen and visited. So far I have added prehistoric sites such as the Long Man of Wilmington and Stonehenge as well as Roman sites including forts on Hadrian’s Wall and the remains of several villas. The map can be viewed here. When viewing the map you can click on one of the pushpins to bring up further information about the site.

The initial idea was to colour code the sites according to which historical period they belong to but I am now considering creating a separate map for each period. The advantage of having all sites on one map means that you could just look at your local area and see all sites nearby. However this could mean that the map becomes overcrowded especially when zoomed out. I would welcome any comments and suggestions about this project. How do you think it could be of use in the classroom?


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