Expedition Tweetings

Last weekend our school sent four year groups out on various expeditions. The Year 8 Leavers travelled to France, Year 7 went to the Lake District to climb Scafell Pike, Year 6 headed to the Brecon Beacons and Year 5 stayed local and camped out in Steane Park.

I accompanied Year 6 to Wales and always planned on tweeting their progress. I managed to get members of staff on the other expeditions to also either tweet directly on text me messages to forward to twitter. In order to separate the four trips I set up four hashtags (#whssteane #whsbrecon #whslakedistrict and #whsfrance) This meant that followers could just track the expedition they were interested in. I also then used www.tweetwally.com in order to display the messages. Tweetwally allows you to set it to display tweets containing a specific hashtag from a specific user. This means I had full control over what messages appeared on the wall. I discovered that Tweetwall also displays images sent up to Twitpic.

The tweeting went very well and we received some very positive feedback from parents. I am now looking at how we can use Twitter even more to promote our school. I especially like the idea of using hashtags along with Tweetwally to allow parents to follow certain areas of the school i.e. #whspreprep.


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