#1066election Feedback Wanted

I’ve been asked by several people to write about out 1066 election project. Part of its success was the fact that the children had an audience beyond the school for their work and so I would like to gather together some feedback from people who followed our project. I would be very grateful for any comments about the project to find out more about how it was received outside of school.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “#1066election Feedback Wanted

  1. It was a great project to follow and I hope the wider audience gave the candidates some challenging questions to think about. I love how its appeal grew and even has made it to the BBC website via Rory Cellan-Jones. Seamless integration of social media and learning at its best.

    Hope the children throughly enjoyed the project and the fame.

  2. Very inventive means of teaching children about both History and Politics, reminiscent of some of the things my old History teacher used to do with us: He’d set a scenario where all the key figures of a particular time (Tudor England, Nazi Germany, etc…) were stuck in a sinking hot air balloon. We were then put in groups and assigned a particular historical figure to defend and justify why they should not be thrown out of the balloon. This was particularly interesting when the behaviour of all the historical figures were equally deplorable because you really had to search to justify them and learnt loads in the process. I remember a study a few years back where people were given a coloured shape and were told that shape was theirs. The participants showed empathy toward ‘their shape’ when watching an animated video of it interacting with other shapes of different colours. How much more meaningful is this disposition people have to identify with a figure from history that they think of as ‘mine’?

    Great idea, may there be many more like it.

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