#1066election – The Final Vote

In the 1066 Election Tuesday 11th May is the day for the final votes. The Opinion polls have shown a closely fought campaign with Harold Godwinson currently in the lead.

On Tuesday during the Year 7s lesson I am hoping to have votes coming in live so that we can have our own “Election Night” I would like people to tweet their votes for either Saxon, Norman or Viking using the #1066election hashtag and also include the first part of the postcode. Using the hashtag means I can use twitterfall to monitor the votes as they come in and the postcode means we can plot the votes on a Scribblemap

Please pass the word as it would be fantastic if we could get loads of votes coming in between 11.10 and 13.10 on Tuesday. Please tweet me (@chrisleach78) if you will vote on Tuesday or if not you can vote beforehand. If non-tweeters wish to vote please leave a comment simply stating which party you vote for and 1st part of postcode.

Many thanks.

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