#1066election Viking Manifesto

Following the release of the Norman and Saxon speeches the Viking Party, led by Harald Hardrada, have published their manifesto.

We Vikings are striving for a stronger Britain. We are bringing horses to your gallant shores. We are strenghtening your armies and raising pay. We will spread your goods wider than ever thus bringing more money to the country. Being part of the Viking Empire there is a strong future for Britain. Also look at the leader, a strong powerful and witty leader with interest in the island. We shall put our knowledge together and make an empire unconquerable by William.


We intend to strengthen the army and build a bigger fleet. We are going to grow industry in Britain. By 1076 we will have destroyed all risk of invasion from any other country and will have already produced 1000 pounds for army and 5000 pounds for public spending. We will have constant pillaging of foreign countries producing more money. Englishmen will be allowed to be kept in the running of your country. Finally we shall not tax you on the first 20 pounds you earn.

What other options?

If you stick with Harold Godwinson you shall be destroyed by the Normans if we don’t get there first.

We promise protection from all threats.

If the Viking manifesto has impressed you then follow @whs_hhadrada and vote Viking

Other candidates standing in the election are:

Harold Godwinson
William of Normandy

One thought on “#1066election Viking Manifesto

  1. Having seen the latest update of the poll and listened to Harold’s speech, is Winchester House about to change the course of history?

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