#1066election campaign speeches

With the Saxons and Normans both on 36% in the polls their campaign speeches have been leaked to the media. Read them below and see if that will affect your vote.

Harold Godwinson

I have the most valid claim to the throne. I’m the brother in law of the late Edward the COnfessor. I have been running the country for a long time while Edward the Confessor was on his deathbed. Edward was also a lazy king and so I was in command of his troops and indeed his country.

The Earl of Wessex is now the most important noble in the country and since I have that title I’m now the most important noble and even the Witan agreed that I should be the next king. I was also promised by Edward the Confessor that I must be the next king of England and keep the Saxon lifeline going.

Though there is a rumour that I swore over saintly bones that William should be the next King I did it because otherwise he would have kept me hostage and when Edward died he would have coronated himself. He used that vow as a reason for war!

William of Normandy

Greetings voters I am here to tell you why you should vote for me. Harold Godwinson is a treacherous liar. He promised to assist me to be the next heir. Edward the COnfessor promised me the throne because I am his old cousin and I protected him from traitors. Harald Hardrada has no claim to the throne so why should you vote for him. He wastes money on wars and is an evil tyrant to his people. The people of Normandy love me and I want you to feel that love. So if you want a fair country vote for me! Vote Normandy! Vote for ME!

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