#1066election – The Campaign Begins

Yesterday I started the 1066 Election project with my Year 7s. In their History lesson they had already been introduced to the characters of Harold, William and Harald and the fact that they all claimed the throne following the death of Edward the Confessor. On Monday I sent out a brief statement on each of the candidates twitter feeds (@whs_hgodwinson, @whs_hhadrada and @whs_wnormandy) and asked my PLN to vote in the Poll I created in Polldaddy. This meant that when I introduced the project to the Year 7s they could see that there was a wider audience for the project and that there was a slight competitive edge. Each of the Year 7 groups will represent a different candidate and I’ve told them that they should be aiming to increase their candidates share in the polls. I told tham that I would be asking people to continue to vote based on the work they produce and track how the Opinion Polls change.

AFter introducing the project the children then produced campaign posters. I the quickly created thumbnails of their posters using Jing and will tweet one poster from each candidate daily and ask people to vote on the posters. Hopefully this will mean the polls will change and the groups will be able to see how well their campaign is going.

Next week we are going to look at their claims to the throne and get them to write statements and possible film a press conference.

Any feedback for the kids would be greatly appreciated – http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/1066election

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