Video Projects

Looking at the long-term plans from last year I see that Years 4 and 8 are both due to create a video project.  I have been trying to think of some ideas that will be fairly simple to carry out and also to start them at the beginning of term so that we hopefully won’t run out of time.

So my ideas are as follows…

For Year 4

Originally I was thinking about getting the children to create a promotional video for the school so that in groups they could each focus on a particular area of school life but I really want to keep the planning and script writing to a minimum so that I can focus on the technical side with the aim that in Year 5 they will be able to work on a more involved video project. So I needed to think of a video project where the content is relatively simple so that the children will be able to come up with ideas easily and can then focus on the production. Watching television the other evening I saw an advert that triggered an idea.

The content is very simple as it would just involve the children finding circles around the school site and then videoing them before editing them together to the soundtrack which I have just found on Spotify. To begin with I could send the children out in small groups with a digital stills camera looking for locations. They can then use these photos to create storyboards before going out and filming. After editing the pieces to the soundtrack we will then have a final product to show in assembly.

For Year 8

Driving back to Brackley from Eastbourne yesterday I was listening to the radio when I was reminded of the Bob Dylan video where he is stood in an alleyway holding cards with the lyrics on.

I then thought this could be a good starting point for the children to make their own music video in a similar style. We would have to pick the songs carefully so that the video fitted the style. (The song I was listening to at the time was Rihanna’s Take a Bow. The children would just need to create the cue cards for the lyrics they wanted to represent and find interesting locations around the school. I think I might get the Year 8s to work in small groups so they have to allocate different roles within the production. It will then also be up to them how many actually appear in the video. Again I would be hoping to screen the completed music videos in assembly at the end of term. If you have any suggestions for other current songs that would work for this video idea please let me know.


One thought on “Video Projects

  1. Thanks Chris, these are good thoughts. I’ve been doing some Creative Partnerships work with year 4 chidren and looking for video ideas. The most popular so far have been establishing an interview film crew to cover school events and greenscreen backgrounds for rap performances.

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