A productive morning

Thanks to our cat, Dexy, waking me up by standing on my face at 5 am I have managed to have a very productive morning so far. So far I have played a bit more with Spicy Nodes and have created a Solar System mindmap. So far I have created plenty of ‘nodes’ and have begun to add information and links. Hopefully this will turn into a very useful science resource.

I have also started to create a timeline of the history of computers to use as a display in the ICT suite. Starting with the invention of the abacus by the Babylonians I have got as far as the invention of the first calculator with buttons by the American Dorr Felt in 1884.

I’m finding that by blogging as I go along it helps me to clarify ideas and identify improvements. Any comments or feedback I get is also a bonus. Thanks to anyone who does take the time to read my ramblings. 🙂


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