Scribble Maps

I’ve just been having a quick play with Scribble Maps as a way of creating a Where History Happened map. It seems a much easier and flexible way of adding information to a Google Map than in Google Maps itself. I really like the fact that you can add text easily and could also draw lines and shapes (I always seemed to have difficulty adding anything in Google Maps). I’ve very quickly started a “Norman Invasion” map and will continue to add to it

One thought on “Scribble Maps

  1. Hi Chris

    I think the way that using maps in history will develop massively over the next few years. There are a number of sites that allow you to add information to a google map, such as, Scribble Maps and a whole range of timeline making sites. These sites can be good for teachers to make some work but will they ever pick up a critical mass to the point where all of world history is covered?

    Having published history teaching materials for over 20 years, our answer uses a similar approach but our history writers provide the information too, which allows for a more authoritive and reliable piece of work. Although I cringe at the thought of promoting our products in a blog response, if you havent seen them, you might well be interested. Our website is a World History Project through which we are mapping history, and we also publish animated, interactive maps for teaching in the class room or school learning environment. If you would be interested in taking a look, they can be found out

    I would be very interested in your feedback about the maps.

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