More Spicy Nodes

I’ve been really excited about the potential of Spicy Nodes as a tool for research and displaying information. It has similar properties to a Wiki in that children could expand on information collected in anyway that interests them simply by adding nodes and creating connections to previous nodes. What really interests me now is how easy it is for people to collaborate on a mindmap in Spicy Nodes – ideally children would just be able to add pieces of information as they find it, either as a new node or adding to an existing node. This does raise some possible problems – what happens if two children try to edit the same node or add information about the same person. I think there will need to be some method to allow users to discuss what information they are adding i.e. “I’m adding Anne Boleyn now” and also there could be the need for an ‘editorial commitee’ to help ensure that information is not duplicated and nodes are connected correctly.

Anyway, I’ve started up a Mindmap on the Tudors on an account set up for school use. I’m really keen to get others involved in working on this map to explore the potential in using it for collaborative work – could it be used to collaborate between schools?

I’m also looking to see if it is at all possible to embed other content rather than just images and Youtube videos.

Any comments, thoughts or ideas more than welcome.

2 thoughts on “More Spicy Nodes

  1. It is really nice to hear of a teacher who is teaching Secondary students how to use Web 2.0 tools in school!
    Is there any way that I can have an image in the node other than in the extra details. I want to make a mindmap of authors and genres for my Library. My big fantasy is to have a touchscreen outside my library where kids can touch on the node for JK Rowling which will then move to all the books that she has written. Does that make sense?
    It needs to be visual, with the book covers being the first thing you see. Is it possible to do this?

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