Spicy Nodes

Having used Wallwisher quite a bit I have often wanted it to be able to do more – in particular link and group pieces of information. I have wanted to use it as a research tool so that as children research a particular topic they can link pieces of information and then expand upon the information already posted. Wallwisher is very useful but isn’t able to do everything I’ve wanted but I have now found another online tool that does allow pieces of information to be linked and connected together – Spicy Nodes 

As with Wallwisher, Spicy Nodes allows you to add pieces of information and embed images and youtube videos. This pieces of information can then be linked together as a mindmap which as you click on different ‘nodes’ changes to show all the relevant and linked information.

Rather than try to describe it in words just have a look at my example Node about the Norman Conquest. If you click through some of the nodes you will see that you can embed links to external sites as well as create links to existing nodes.

Please let me know what you think of Spicy Nodes and any ideas you may have on how it could be used in the classroom.


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