My thoughts on Kidblog

I have recently been experimenting with Kidblog as a way of getting the children intoduced to blogging. I set up class blogs for Y5, Y6 and Y8 and showed them all the process of writing posts and commenting on others. I have found that it is a very easy and simple system for the children to use. As is often the case this started off well and some children were very keen but it is proving to time-consuming for me to manage all three blogs. If I was just teaching one class then it would be much easier. However, it has given me the opportunity to think about how it could be used more effectively.

I use it with my Y5 classes to post their task for the lesson – this is because due to the timetable the Y5s never seem to arrive at the same time. The blog also then gives me an opportunity to ask for feedback from the children at the end of the session. So I am thinking about setting up an ICT blog for all the children to use and ideally I would want to limit the children to only being able to comment on my posts. I’m thinking that the best way of doing this is to set up all the children as users of a hidden blog – one that they won’t actually know about but gives them an account name and password so they can log in to the ICT blog.

I would also like to get other teachers involved in blogging. I know that I personally would often like to share interesting bits of information with the children but don’t always have the time. So, for example, if something fascinating in the world of Science occurs that doesn’t actually fit with what is being taught the teacher could share this with the children via the blog and would be a way of engaging some children in the wider aspect of a subject. So I am planning to set up another general Kidblog that would allow interested teachers to contribute posts with the children again being restricted to commenting only.


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