Year 6 Magazine

My Year 6s have been using Publisher to create a magazine. I teach four different Year 6 classes and each group is producing a different issue of the magazine. When I started the project I needed to think of a topic that would interest the children and give them something they could produce pages about. I decided to name the first issue “A IS FOR…”, the second issue “B IS FOR…” and so on. This means that the children could choose any topic that interested them as long as it began with A or B etc.

For the first session we just looked at how to import images and use text boxes to create a front cover for the magazine. I provided the children with a template that included the magazine title and showed them an example I had created. For the next session the children then had to produce pages to go inside the magazine. Starting with a completely blank page they then had to import text and images in order to create their page thinking carefully about the layout and design of the page.

Because we only had two weeks in which to complete the magazine I wasn’t worried about them writing the content themselves but rather how they presented the information and the skills involved in putting a page together.

So in our first 4 issues with have pages about Aston Martins, Andy Murray, Bulgaria, Breakdancing, Cheryl Cole, Cows, Dolphins and Dodge Vipers.

After Easter I will get the really keen children to work on issue E and so on.

What we did was each group was given a particular letter either a,b,c or d and we had to make a magazine page on a subject begining with that letter. For example:b= basketball. So we went onto the internet and found pictures and some infomation on that particular subject and made a nice magazine page. It was really fun and i learnt loads about breakdancing! (Jack F)


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