KeySeeker with Reception

This morning I used http://annrymer/keyseeker/ with Reception class. It’s a really simple way of introducing the children to the letter keys on the keyboard. All it does is display a letter that the children have to type. The letter is accompanied by a relevant picture to help the children recognise the letter. It actually displays the letters in two different colours depending on which hand should be used to type which letter but I didn’t worry about this.

The reception class were able to complete the activity fairly easily so I then tried the nursery group with it. My concern was whether they could actually recognise the uppercase letters but they were really good especially when the letters were initials of names in the class. The pictures also helped and they were able to think of other things beginning with that letter. Once they got their own go on the laptops they worked really well. For some it took them a few attempts to locate the correct letter but they improved as they went along. A few of the children picked it up really quickly and one boy was helping those around him. The real star of the lesson though was the youngest girl in the group who picked it up straight away and found all 26 bananas in a faster time than any of the reception children. The Nursery teacher was amazed at how well the children were recognising the letters and also the converstaions they were having with each other to help locate the letters.

I’m really beginning to enjoy working with the Early Years 🙂


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