Reception and Nursery ICT

One of my biggest challenges in my new job has been getting to grips with taking the little ones for ICT. In my previous job I worked mainly with upper KS2 and occasionally with groups of younger children. Initially I have just been focussing on developing their mouse control skills and awareness of the keyboard. I have used several online games and activities to help such as… which allows children to point and click to colour in images which requires the children to use the arrow keys to find their way out of a maze. Some of the more able children were then playing Pacman

I’ve also used Poisson Rouge which is a fantastic collection of activities that all help develop mouse control and an undertsnding about interacting with elements on screen.

But by far the children’s favourite is Boowa and Kwala which is another vast collection of games and activities. There are various categories of games such as maze games, spot the difference and sorting games.

I have used Boowa and Kwala with Nursery, Reception and Year 1. My year 1s were using the sorting games to feed seeds to the correct birds, put rubbish in the correct recycling bin and furnish rooms in a house appropriately.

The Boowa and Kwala site also has songs and animations to entertain the children with as well.

I am hoping to get more equipment for Nursery and Reception so that they can explore using beebots, microphones, cameras etc.

I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who is more experienced in teaching ICT to the younger age groups.


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